Contribution Quickstart


New Page

To add a page, follow these steps:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Add a copy of wiki/contributing/ to the project folder of interest in the wiki folder
  3. Write your page in markdown. Some recommended methods:
  • Connect to your Github account and write from your browser
  • Clone the repository to your device. We recommend using the Atom editor with the Markdown-Writer and Markdown-Image-Helper packages.
  1. Rename the .md file to a kebab-case version of your title (e.g
  2. Link your article in _data/navigation.yml under the wiki heading
  3. If you added your name as the author, add yourself to the _data/authors.yml page to get some credit for your work
  4. Before you submit changes, view them by running them locally (directions in next section)
  5. Submit a pull request to the ARC wiki GitHub
  6. Editors may request changes. After that, it will be accepted and reflected on the website

Using GitPod

Forking and Setting Up GitPod

  1. Fork this repository (top right button) to add it to your GitHub account.
  2. Install the GitPod Extension.
  3. Go to the forked repository, connect GitPod to your GitHub account, and open the repository in GitPod.
  4. Open the terminal:
    • Set up forked repository and call it upstream*: git remote add upstream
    • Install all packages necessary: bundle install
    • Pull new changes in from GitHub: git fetch upstreamgit checkout mastergit rebase upstream/master

* These commands are not needed once the forked repository is set up the first time you use GitPod.

Writing the Page:

  1. Create your file under the folder of interest in the wiki folder.
  2. Use kebab-case to appropriately name your file under a self-describing name (e.g
  3. Write your page in markdown. The formatting can be viewed in the wiki template provided.
  4. Link your article in _data/navigation.yml under the wiki heading.
  5. If you added your name as the author, add yourself to the _data/authors.yml page to get some credit for your work.
  6. Before committing your changes to GitHub, view them in the browser by running jekyll serve in the terminal.

Comitting and Opening a PR

  1. Stage the files to commit: git add .
  2. Commit all files to GitHub: git commit -m "Write comments here"
  3. Push changes into local repository: git push
  4. Submit a pull request from your forked repository to ARC wiki on GitHub and let a member of the Leadership Team know. Changes may be requested before final submission.

Running Locally

If you want to check your changes on a local, development server you can either use Docker or Ruby.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Generate Gemfile.lock:
    docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app ruby:2.6 bundle install
  3. Build Docker image:
    docker-compose -f ./docker/ build
  4. Run Docker image:
    docker-compose -f ./docker/docker-compose.default.yml up


Check out this tutorial.