Piano Hand - Overview




The mission of this project is to explore the perspective of robotics in terms of the aspect of replicating human-motion. A primary fascination in this is looking at tasks that might help us understand biomechanics, which is a more recent booming area of robotics.

The goal of the project is to build a fully autonomous robot arm that can play the piano. The Human hand, with 27 degrees of freedom has so far been the most dextrous mechanism to play the piano and the closer we get to replicating that degree of freedom and movement, the better it is to move the arm and play the piano.

This semester (Fall 2021), we are planning to build a functional animatronic human hand that can move as close as possible with wrist motion and 5-finger motion, and though not expecting complete autonomy, play locally positioned keys from the hand with the help of the same.

Along the way, we will publish our progress, code, tutorials and workshops.

Right Now

Right now, we’re planning the project out, making a timeline, organizing subteams and then getting started with building the hardware and electronics/software for the project. Primary focuses include designing the hand to get it ready for 3D printing and in the electronics/software side, microcontroller setup and servoing.

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