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    Fall 2020

November/Early December

  • Final design of a 6DOF arm was made
  • A HACKY solution was made through porting that python3 code into ROS melodic (python2), but ended up working to accomplish our goal.
  • To solve the previous issue, generated the Denavit Hartenburg parameters for the arm and used Peter Corke’s Robotics Toolbox, which suprisingly converged every time.


  • Found that using the MoveIt solver in ROS for our 5DOF arm never converged on a solution.

  • Found that the 5 DOF arm gripper was too heavy for the motors we had. Took 2-3 weeks to make the new gripper due to 3D printing reliability. The new gripper was lighter, but was misaligned and frail, but we used it in the end with the power of duct tape.


  • Robot arm project was created to be a robotics educational platform for students to learn robotics. In the semester (Sept - Dec), we aimed to design a custom 6 DOF arm that can play Jenga and develop software using ROS to control it. At this point, a 5 DOF robot arm was 3D printed, assembled, and wired using this tutorial.