Getting started



In this tutorial, we will outline the onboarding process.

One of the curcial first steps is determining your area of interest. Robotics requires knowledge from a wide variety of fields such as: engineering, computer science, physics, statistics and more. Because of this, ARC usually divides students into two categories of interest: software and hardware.

Choosing a specialty is by no means a limitation to what you can work on within ARC, but instead a starting place for acquiring the bare minimum of skills to contribute.



If you are interested in software, we recommend the following path:

TODO: Add basic software reqs (e.g. bash and git) to path

  1. Setup your development environment
  2. Learn ROS through snake game


If you are interested in hardware, we recommend the following path:

TODO: Determine path for hardware

  1. Setup your CAD environment


After you have gone through your respective tutorials, you are ready to begin contributing within ARC. Start by looking at the ongoing projects. If a particular project catches your eye, reach out to the project manager about getting involved. If you feel ARC is missing a project that fits your interests, consider starting your own project.